How Long Can I Simplify Refinancing A Loan Fha After A Bankruptcy? –

If you have a mortgage secured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and have not yet taken advantage of low interest rates, you may qualify to participate in the “FHA streamline refinance” program, even if you have declared bankruptcy. It does not matter if you have reported Chapter 7 or Chapter 13- if you have not completed a long time and have acted responsibly since filing, you may be eligible.

FHA Rules Refinance Streamline

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a homeowner who has a FHA-backed loan can participate in the program to rationalize after bankruptcy if a minimum of 12 to 24 months has passed from the United States. Two years is the rule of thumb, but if a borrower can show that the bankruptcy was caused by extenuating circumstances, he can qualify after only 12 months. The borrower must have demonstrated the greatest financial responsibility since filing and must also demonstrate that bankruptcy is not likely to recur.

Streamline rules for additional refinancing

The FHA has been refinancing streamline since the 1980s, according to the HUD website. To participate, in addition to the bankruptcy rules, the initial must of the mortgage “be already insured FHA” and more than six months. In addition, the loan must be up to date and must be used to lower the monthly payment. Borrowers cannot take money out of the house to pay debts or make major renovations, although there is currently a program that will allow the borrower to take between $ 5,000 and $ 35,000 to make minor modifications or repairs to the property. Strict rules apply.

Benefits of FHA streamline refinance

FHA streamline refinance is easy for borrowers because there is little administrative work. The house does not have to be reevaluated if the borrower is refinancing the original loan amount. (It must be appreciated if the borrower rolls the closing costs into the new loan.) This is a major plus if you think you might need more than it’s worth. You may also not have to provide an income verification or credit history unless your lender requires.

Preparation of Refinancing

Although it is easier to qualify for FHA streamline refinance than other loan products, it does not hurt to get ready. Order your credit reports and review them carefully to make sure that the items included in the bankruptcy have been reported correctly. Make sure you pay the monthly obligations on time and in full so long since your bankruptcy and you’ve been in charge since, you’re probably in good shape. Do not forget to save money towards the closing costs to avoid the evaluation.

The owners

Not a single person or entity can hold more than 10 percent of the units in the complex and the complex can not obtain FHA approval if more than 15 percent of condo owners are late in their dues to the association of condo. The FHA also limits its overall exposure to each condo complex as loan insurance on up to 30 percent of the shares in a condo complex. The condo association must have cash reserves equal to at least 10 percent of its annual budget to cover maintenance and repairs.


The FHA guidelines for condos seem very restrictive, but by comparison, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae buy mortgages attached to condo units if the complex as a whole has an owner occupancy rate of over 70 percent. In addition, people who take FHA-backed loans have only to pay installments of only 3.5 percent. Many other lenders require down payments of more than 20 percent on condominium projects. Therefore, FHA loans are one of the best alternatives to money when it comes to buying condos.


How To Change Mortgage Companies – FHA Mortgage Application

You can decide to best place to get a mortgage companies before or after getting a loan from home. Mid-transaction switching companies, say, when buying or refinancing, can take some explaining- however, it can give better results if you do not receive the service or savings that you originally intended. Changing mortgage companies after you’ve had your mortgage for a while can mean a better interest rate or other favorable terms, but requires sufficient equity and diligent calculation. In general, to avoid changing mortgage companies, best place to get a mortgage to shop around and compare their service and costs before entering into a refinancing transaction or the

Reasons to change during an operation

During the term of a refinancing operation or purchase is a less-than-deal time to shop for another lender. You may feel obliged to spend, however, if your current lender raises your interest rate or if you are not satisfied with the service of a lender. You could also receive a more competitive offer through another best place to get a mortgage company and decide to make a move. Timing and savings have a major impact in the decision to change companies during a transaction. For example, you may want to not compromise the purchase of a new home a few days before the scheduled closing date because another lender offers a better monthly payment.

Do your homework mortgage

Talk with you current lender about the loan terms or service that motivated you to change your company. A lender who values ​​your business in general will try to compete with the cost or interest rate of another mortgage company, cut costs or offer another incentive to keep you happy. If a lender simply can not keep your mortgage within the business, the lender may require you to pay certain fees, such as assessment fees and credit report and cancel the transaction. Make sure the new business you are planning to

Change your current lender

Your current mortgage can no longer meet your needs and you, therefore, want to change your business through refinancing. A refinance pays the balance of your existing mortgage with the proceeds from a new loan. You can often choose to stay with your current best place to get a mortgage lender when refinancing or opt for an entirely new one. What you can change companies also depends on the type of refinancing. There are three main types: a streamline refinance that offers accelerated loan qualification and paperwork- a minimum refinancing rate and long-term, also known as a cash-out limited refinance- and a cash out refinance.

Refinancing with a new mortgage company

Proceed with a refinance the same way you would with a purchase: Buy at least two or three mortgage companies to get interest rates, fees and sense of service. You can pre-screen with businesses, resulting in less paperwork in advance and financial probing- or you can apply for pre-approval, which involves a full-credit review, income, debt, asset and employment. In general, a pre-approval result in more accurate numbers, but requires more time to process and more effort on your part than prequalification.

How to transfer a mortgage to a new owner

You can transfer a mortgage loan to a new owner only if the original loan agreement contains a clause that says the mortgage is “assumable.” Keep in mind, however, that the bank holding company or mortgage will still have to approve the new owner who takes responsibility for repaying the loan. If the mortgage is not assumable, the new owner must obtain his own mortgage to buy the property and have the financing on his behalf.

Things you need

  • Initial paperwork of the mortgage
  • Instructions

Contact the mortgage lender. The current homeowner must call the mortgage lender to say he wants to transfer the mortgage to the buyer. The current owner should ask if the mortgage is assumable, which means the transfer can continue. Otherwise, the transaction must proceed in the usual way: the buyer to obtain a separate mortgage.

Ask the buyer to complete the mortgage company’s application and a consent form to enable a credit check. Even though the mortgage is assumable, the mortgage company want to make sure that the buyer is a good credit risk, which involves a formal request and a credit check.

Hire a real estate lawyer or company title. After the buyer receives approval from the mortgage company, the lender will likely want to work with a lawyer or title real estate company to transfer liability for the mortgage and the deed of the property simultaneously. The seller must hire a real estate lawyer company or title, or contact the person who handled the original mortgage transaction to complete the transfer documents.

Attend the closing to transfer ownership and responsibility for the best place to get a mortgage. The buyer and the seller must attend the closing in order to sign all legal documents as transfers both the mortgage and the property of the property and the new owner.

Tips & Warnings

Assumable mortgage transactions usually have a shorter processing time for approval than applying for a new mortgage.

The seller of a hypothec able mortgage is usually entitled to receive from the buyer any equity he has built in the property at the time of sale.

Even if you do not see a hypothecary mortgage clause in your mortgage paperwork, check with your lender to see if your mortgage is assumable. Some lenders may be willing to bypass the absence of a “hypothesis” paperwork clause, but it is a rare event.

The Tinted Windows For The House, Protective Tint For Your Window

Fashion phenomenon or true ecological asset, the home window tint are in the air time. Although common on cars, which they often provide in a showy way, tinted windows are less common in homes and buildings. And yet, they discover very interesting properties in this period of energy savings.

The installation of home window tint glass is no longer a complex and expensive operation, thanks to the use of a specific home window tint film, which is installed in a few hours on existing windows. This high-tech sticker is offered by several manufacturers, and can be easily installed by a technician from the Odium group (90 installation centers in US).

Individuals are more and more interested in this type of product, because it brings several advantages, according to the declensions.

Solar protection and energy savings

The solar film is one of the accessories of the moment to improve the insulation of the house and save energy. In summer, it filters the solar radiation and thus reduces the temperature in the living rooms. In winter, it keeps the heat inside, and thus prevents energy loss.

A revival of intimacy

Many homeowners fear prying eyes and want to keep their privacy to protect their property. Some parts of the house (eg offices) also gain less visibility from the outside. To meet this specific need, there is a range of opaque films or mirror effect films.

More protection

Lastly, it is interesting to mention that some films are designed to improve safety and make windows more robust. While they do not prevent break-ins, they nonetheless play an important retarding and dissuasive role for burglars.

There are many other benefits brought by the treatment of glazing on a home … Do not miss to ask an Odium specialist for a solution adapted to your needs!


Known for automobiles, the home window tint is less for windows of buildings, houses or apartments. Yet the installation of this equipment provides many benefits that are far from negligible: reduce energy expenditure, preserve its privacy, and protect glass surfaces … There are different shades and different opacities to make it an asset in the layout and decoration of his home. The installation of a solar building film is also more and more trendy.

A sun protection system with multiple advantages

Solar films designed to be placed on the windows of a home or business premises are very useful equipment for individuals and professionals.

Achieve energy savings

The tinted film will prevent UV from entering the home, which will prevent the temperature from rising too much. Indeed, it will fight against the greenhouse effect. Air conditioning needs will be reduced. But the use of air conditioning has an impact on the electricity bill.

Protect the environment

While electricity or gas is not an environmentally responsible source of energy, installing a solar film for buildings will allow you to use them less for air conditioning. This reduces your environmental impact. Moreover, it does not require any source of energy to operate.

Protect yourself from outside eyes

There are different degrees of opacity in tinted films, which helps preserve the privacy of certain rooms, such as an office or bedroom. It is even possible to apply mirror-effect films. This is also quite common in companies and quite possible in individuals.

An opaque home window tint can be very useful when you are in an apartment on the ground floor and some windows are directly on the street.

An undeniable security asset

A window equipped with a solar film for building will break less easily than a conventional window. The film will hold the ice scraps. So it’s a great way to secure glass openings in your home, office or business.

Photo Gift: The Magic Mug And Its Surprising Originality

It amuses both children and adults … It makes your breakfasts wonderful moments. No more classics, it makes you a fantastic magician! But what are we talking about? Of the magic Personalised Coffee Cups  of course! Delight around you with this personalized gift as original as surprising.

Magic mug: how does it work?

The magic mug is a large ceramic Personalised Coffee Cups  with a special coating because it is thermo-reactive. Indeed, it means that with hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.), the magic takes place and the photos appear. Empty or without heat, the magic mug remains black.

A few seconds are enough to trigger the reaction and produce the desired effect! You can do it as many times as you like, it’s infinite!

The double surprise effect of the magic muG

The magic Personalised Coffee Cups  will surprise the lucky ones who will have it as a gift. Why ? Simply because they will benefit from a double surprise!

Unwrapping their gift, it is possible that your loved ones are perplexed by a black mug, without motive or drawing … This is the first surprise, not always obvious to cash. But that’s where you come in, telling them there’s a second one! To them to discover the next day at breakfast, unless you insist to show them your skills magician (ne) …

Be sure to please them with the 100% original and personalized magic Personalised Coffee Cups . All occasions are permitted: birthday, Christmas, wedding, etc. Even without that, you can create a smile at any time of the year, without any particular event …

Magic mug: and the interview?

It’s important to know how to care for and care for your magic mug. Remember that these are photos, and some information is to know:

The sun through the UV can deteriorate the colors and tarnish the photos. Do not expose your magic Personalised Coffee Cups  to the sun too long.

It is the same for the microwave. The waves act negatively on your images and attack them. So it is not advisable to heat your drinks as well. Favor the pan in this case.

On the cleaning side, the dishwasher is not forbidden, but it is recommended to wash your magic Personalised Coffee Cups  by hand with classic dishwashing liquid. You will avoid taking unnecessary risks that would damage your favorite photos …

Do not forget to inform the lucky recipients of the gift, because it would be a shame not to take full advantage of the object we were offered.

Intensive Couples Therapy EMDR THERAPY


While EMDR therapy can typically be performed at one to three sessions per week, it can also be done intensively.

The Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney EMDR therapy is a therapeutic support based on the EMDR approach, gathering a large number of sessions over a short period of time and following a very structured methodology.

Some therapists practice it for 8 to 10 consecutive days, 8 to 10 hours of work a day with the same person. (That is 80 to 100 hours of therapeutic work).

For my part, I prefer not to exceed six hours a day with the same patient, the work in EMDR can be very demanding, especially for subjects at the limit of burnout intensive couples therapy Also the intensive therapies that I propose last 14/15 days or 2 times 7 days / 7,5.

Other therapists still offer other time formats, depending on their way of thinking about therapy.

The patient is usually asked to do this work out of his or her usual life context. That’s why I organize intensive therapies at the seaside, in the countryside or in the mountains.

The semi-intensive EMDR therapy is the therapeutic accompaniment following the EMDR approach, 3 to 4 hours a day at a rate of 4 or 5 days a week, during 4 to 6 weeks, of a patient in his usual life context.

I can also group sessions on several weekends.

They are intended for:

individuals who want to move faster in their therapeutic work

people who, because of their professional obligations and / or because of frequent travel, can not follow the traditional rhythm of one session per week

expatriates who can not find a psychologist or psychotherapist practicing EMDR or speaking their mother tongue in their country of residence intensive couples therapy

I also travel around the world to provide intensive couples therapy EMDR therapy … and I practice in French, English, Spanish …

Through intensive therapy, changes are immediate and permanent. The formidable and rapid effectiveness of EMDR is still accelerated! …

At the 2009 EMDR Europe Association congress, Dr. Guy Sautai presented the results of a study he conducted on intensive therapy, conducted on 31 patients. Three days after treatment, 77.5% of patients have no symptoms, 3 months after 82% found a disappearance of their symptoms and 80% 1 year later.

In 2011, the above author reveals the results of another study on the same theme. Intensive therapy was effective for 87% of the 39 patients who observed the disappearance of 80% of their symptoms.

A presentation in the Springer Journal of EMDR Practice and Research in May 2013 reveals the application of a mode of intensive therapy to an individual suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, associated with a major depressive syndrome and a syndrome generalized anxiety. This individual received 25½ hours of EMDR treatment over a period of 3 weeks, followed by 12 hours of supportive therapy for 6 weeks. His symptoms decreased, as revealed by measurements on diagnostic scales: Beck’s depression scale score increased from 46 (severe depression) to 15; the score on Beck’s anxiety scale went from 37 (severe anxiety) to 25 (moderate anxiety) and the score on the IEScale (Impact of Events Scale) went from 50 (severe PTSD) to 12.

Increase The Size Of The Sex, It Is Possible

Today, the methods proposed to increase the size of the penis have fortunately progressed and are less traumatic! Without being miraculous.Longen or thicken, it’s up to you to choose.


And the vacuum?

To increase the size, this concern is not new: in the Kama Sutra already, Vâtsyâyana indicates how to “make fat the linga”, by using, to make it swell, the stinging hairs of certain insects living in the trees, or in coating it with a decoction of vegetables and buffalo butter! As for the fakirs, they suspended at a young age weights to their penis to lengthen it gradually to reach 45 cm!

Objective repair or aesthetic?

augmenter_taille_penis Sex surgery was developed 7 or 8 years ago, under the impetus of surgeons. Two distinct cases must be distinguished. “In some patients, the intervention aims to correct a micropenisrecognized as such. It is then a so-called “restorative” surgery, moreover supported by the Social Security, explains the Dr. Pierre Bondil, urologist with the Hospital of Chambéry. In this case, the penis presents, besides its size, functional problems. Or the sex of the plaintiff is perfectly standard, and the intervention (not reimbursed, of course), then falls under the plastic surgery. This second type of patient simply wants to increase the size of the flaccid penis for a visual effect (without worry of erection): this is what we call the “cloakroom syndrome”. For me, this approach is the same as that of a woman who wants to be made bigger breasts “.

What can be done, with what results?


“Unhook” the penis, by cutting the suspensory ligaments that connect the pubic bone to cavernous bodies (under general anesthesia). This has the effect of “désenfouir” sex. Benefit: + 2 centimeters in average on a penis at rest (according to a study carried out on cadavers), knowing that the result varies according to the patients. No regrettable aesthetic effect. The erection is unstable in about 1 in 5 cases. Attention, the size of the erect penis is not increased.

Put in place a semi-rigid penile prosthesis: it is an intervention reserved for micropenis , which allows, besides gaining a few centimeters (by choosing a prosthesis a little long), to restore an erection. It is introduced for life in cavernous bodies.


Take fat (in the abdomen for example) as for a mini-liposuction (under local anesthesia), and reinject it into the sheath of the penis over its entire length, homogeneously (lipopenisculpture, or penoplasty). Benefit: + 3 to 5 cm in circumference. The intervention does not change the erection, especially as we expand the “soft” part of the penis.

What to think of these interventions?

The French Association of Urology reports that these interventions are not medically validated. “Thus, no rigorous scientific study has been carried out in the operated patients to know if they were satisfied a posteriori of the intervention, explains P. Bondil On the other hand, we do not know if the interventions do not risk to modify long-term erectile abilities Finally, as far as fat injections are concerned, we do not know exactly if the injected fat does not spontaneously resorb in the medium term “. A word

This kind of vacuum pump was classically recommended by sexologists to create erections. No validated study has proved its effectiveness in lengthening the penis. Even if some say the opposite. Explanation: the penis is elastic. You shoot? She is recovering!

Written by: multivitamin for men

Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming And Swimming Pools

Swimming can be something more than just a physical activity if you know how to make the best out of it. Here we are to tell you about the most amazing experiences you can have with swimming with a little effort. Swimming can be a great way for making friends and having fun together. The health benefits of swimming are countless and so are the mental health effects.

Here we have gathered a list of the few frequently asked questions regarding swimming and pools.

  • What are the physical health benefits of swimming?

Swimming is something more than just recreation for you. It is a full body workout as all your body parts are involved in the strokes, and you can have good physical health if you continue this sport as a regular practice. The common stroke styles for swimming include the breaststroke, the sidestroke, the backstroke and the freestyle swimming.

  • Are there any other health benefits of swimming?

Yes other than keeping you ohysically fit, swimming is the practice that is good for almost all parts of your body. It regulates the flow of blood in your body, your heartbeat races up and helps your body get rid of the stress. Since it is a tough exercise, it builds your stamina, strengthens your muscles and improves the cardiovascular activity. Swimming is known to keep your heart health and maintain a healthy weight for you.

  • What are the essentials of swimming?

If you are out there to swim, you need to have a grip on how to swim before setting foot in the water as water can be dangerous and deadly for those who take it just as fun. You need to understand the theory of swimming, have proper tools for it and only then you should get inside water. You must choose a safe environment for starting the swimming. Make sure you stretch your muscles so that you get warm up. Make sure to take plenty of liquids and do not over exert yourself in the beginning.

  • Where can I purchase the best pool?

You can search the internet for the available options of the pools in your area and then you can either visit the place or call and get your pool installation booked. If there are no such services in your area, you can directly contact the pool making companies from their websites. There are some excellent companies such as ATEX providing people with pool fun with several trusted years.

  • Which type of the pool is best for my home?

Based on the free space you can provide for the pool and the budget you have, you can decide on picking the best pool for your backyard. The in-ground pools are amazing but cost a good fortune, on the other hand, the above ground pools are handy, economical and ideal even for small backyards. So make the pick based on your specs.