Redemption Of Mortgage – FHA Loan Requirements

Redeeming a mortgage is interesting when mortgage rates are low. When your mortgage has been subscribed with a rate much higher than the current mortgage rates or with very expensive insurance. It may be worthwhile to make a home loan redemption.

To find out if you can benefit from a real estate loan buyback or not and to know the pitfalls to avoid before buying his loan, we offer various articles on credit redemption. You can also get a free simulation of real estate loan redemption.

Beware of credit buybacks that allow you to reduce your monthly payments by paying back on longer terms. In the end, this type of loan consolidation costs you much more and pushes you further towards debt. It must be a last resort solution to difficulties in repaying your loans.

With these tips you will know if it is better to buy your loan or renegotiate directly with your bank, find out when to make your request, know the mistakes to avoid, etc. For current interest rate conditions, see our 2018 Real Estate Rate Guide. You can apply for an FHA loan

Property rate in May 2018

All about mortgage rates in May 2018: the latest figures on April home loans, the average rates and best rates given by brokers in May 2018, tips for your borrower insurance rate and a trend for the evolution of real estate rates in 2018.

What is the best bank for your mortgage?

Is it La Poste, Credit Agricola or Boursorama the bank that offers the best rate for your mortgage? Find out how to choose the best bank to finance your real estate purchase with less fees or buy back your credits. The calculation of the real estate rate depends on the financial markets, their forecasts according to the region, the duration of the loan (most often 10, 15, 20 or 25 years) for all the big banks.

Rate of mortgage borrowing in April 2018

Trends and forecasts on mortgage rates in April 2018 with tips to get the best possible rate for your financing and advice not to overlook the other important elements of your mortgage (guarantees and borrower insurance rates, fees guarantees, processing fees, modularity, prepayment allowances, etc.).

The buyout of real estate loan keeps the rating in 2017 and in 2018

The mortgage repurchase has never been more interesting than between 2016 and 2018. Borrowing rates beat records. Take the opportunity to earn money easily by getting a new interest rate much lower for your home loan! Also discover all the choices you can make (redemption by another bank or renegotiation, decrease in the term or monthly payments, early or middle of refund, etc.).

Mortgage rate in March 2018

Analysis of the evolution of mortgage rates in March 2018 with a trend forecast for 2018 and calculation of the potential impact on your budget for a real estate purchase.

Renegotiating your mortgage without changing banks

The average property rate has fallen sharply in recent months and the best credit rates are even lower. Why not take the opportunity to renegotiate your credit with your bank? It is possible to negotiate better terms of repayment for your outstanding capital and thus reduce your duration or your monthly payment quite easily. Find out everything you need to know about real estate renegotiation with your bank.

What documents for a mortgage application?

All about the documents to bring to a bank when applying for a mortgage to finance an old housing, a new housing, work or a repurchase of mortgage: personal and family situation, domiciliation, income and bank accounts, inheritance and contributions, other loans in repayment, description of your real estate project, etc.

Is a repurchase of credit interesting only at the beginning of the loan?

A repurchase of mortgage is more advantageous at the beginning of repayments. Is it useless to redeem an old mortgage? Discover our tips and tricks to maximize the interest of a credit redemption.

Cost of a home loan repurchase: prepayment fees, etc.

Calculation of the cost of a real estate loan redemption: prepayment fees, application fees, cost of guarantees. Know before a home loan repurchase to know if the money gains on the loan change are interesting enough to exceed these fees.

Buying home loans: the pitfalls to avoid

The repurchase of a mortgage does not have to be done without some precautions. There are some pitfalls that are best avoided when you buy back your mortgage. It’s not just the mortgage rates you have to look for to make a good loan buy.

The over-indebtedness cases are multiplying, the owners too are in debt

Over-indebtedness is affecting more and more individuals in France. The share of the over-indebted person who owns real estate increases. Find out how to get out of over indebtedness? Should we redeem his mortgage? Where to find help?

Is it better to renegotiate or buy back a mortgage?

To take advantage of low property rates, you have two options: buy back your loan or renegotiate your borrowing rate. Find out how to calculate and make the best choice between a renegotiation and a mortgage purchase. The fees are not the same and the earnings are gone.

Real estate loan redemption simulation: interest to buy back a loan?

It’s time to redeem real estate loans! Indeed, the current rates for a home loan are very very low. All borrowers can therefore take advantage of these very low rates to redeem their loan and benefit from exceptional current conditions!

Is credit consolidation still a good idea?

Grouping these loans can be a good solution, but this solution has a cost that can be high. The advantages and disadvantages of buying back credits must be studied. Here’s everything you need to know about credit consolidation, its cost and alternatives.

Buyouts of real estate loans explode in 2012 and 2013

More and more French people are buying home loans in 2012 and 2013. They are taking advantage of low property rates to reduce the cost of their previous loans. They thus earn on the cost of the interest but also on that of their insurance of loan!

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