The purchase of a house is a great adventure and a consequent real estate purchase, whether for a principal residence or a second home or a rental investment.

This future acquisition raises many questions, technical, administrative, financial and human.

First time home buyers in Texas requires an investment in terms of time (research, visits, negotiations, financing, contract, etc …) and in financial terms (it is a major purchase and impacting the budget of a household).

Buy a house: what are the steps?

When you start first time home buyers in Texas, the first question is to know what the budget that can be spent is. Indeed, from this basic starting point will depend all subsequent searches, from the type of well-chosen to its location? Without going around the banks and brokers, you must have a reliable financial range to know what you can buy.

To do this, you have financial simulation tools online and you can initially stall on the current budget that you spend on your home.

Once you have been able to define a concrete budget range, you must determine the geographic area in which you want to buy your future home. Unless very specific will, choose a fairly wide area (but not too much) in order to look at all existing opportunities and all real estate available for purchase. You will be able to look at your sector if you can first time home buyers in Texas with land or without land, an old or rather new house, a plot to build a new house etc…

Therefore, either you entrust your search for home purchase to a real estate agent so that he selects for you all the houses in line with your criteria, or you are looking for yourself the types of properties that may correspond to you, either the two!

Buy a house with a real estate agency

In fact, a real estate professional has a very strong buying and selling base and, above all, the professional expertise that enables you to carry out a transaction in complete safety. In addition to his property portfolio, he is a professional who knows very well the real estate market of his sector.

Entrusting the purchase of his house to a real estate agency allows to make substantial savings of time without losing financially. Indeed, a real estate agent is an expert in real estate trading and he will be your preferred representative to first time home buyers in Texas at its fair price, negotiated at best.

The amount of his fees is generally offset by the savings made, not to mention the time saved invaluable. Contrary to the bad image still widespread of real estate agents, these professionals have a solid technical and legal training allowing you to approach a real estate transaction with complete peace of mind.

With the exponential development of documents to be provided during a real estate transaction, different orders and circulars, being supported and guided by an agent mastering all procedures is a guarantee of serenity. If, however, you want to find the house of your dreams for yourself, here are some useful tips.

Buy his house from individual to private

If you start buying a house on your own, you need to master the basics and processes involved.

First, select the main real estate portals ideally referenced on your geographical area: this will be the basis of your research. On these sites, you have to consult the ads every day and you must think about systematically creating an email alert.

This will allow you to receive a preview of all new real estate and new properties posted online based on the criteria you have entered. You will be alerted as soon as a house is put on sale and that corresponds either to your budget, the sector etc …

There are many websites of real estate ads, and you can consult the houses for sale including Le Bon Coin, sites between individuals like Pap (from particular to particular) or Les Cl├ęs du Midi etc …

As soon as you spot a home that might please you, contact either the owner directly or the real estate agency in charge of the property. If it is an agency that has the property under mandate, you will have to deal with it for the rest of the transaction. If it’s an individual, you can negotiate live. On each ad is registered contact and agency fees if this is the case as well as the person who is responsible for these fees (either at the expense of the purchaser, or at the expense of the seller).

It is then up to you to ask for more information and stall your visits. Afterwards, make sure to ask all the mandatory documents related to the sale of a house (all real estate diagnostics in particular) and make sure there are no hidden defects.

How to finance the purchase of a house?

When your choice is made, you must start your financing as soon as possible, either from real estate brokers (who have access to all rates of all banks) or directly from each bank of your choice.

The advantage of using a broker is that you only file a file and it is he who will negotiate the best mortgage rates for you from banks. Its brokerage fees are generally absorbed by the savings made on the total amount of the mortgage. Getting financing for real estate is a tedious operation that requires a lot of paperwork and a good sense of negotiation.

Whether you want to buy a house for your primary residence or for renting or as a second home, your financing plan must be validated and accepted so that the sale can continue.

Do not forget to include in your application for financing notary fees related to the purchase of the house (different notary fees depending on whether you buy an old house or a new house).

You then have a period of 3 months from the moment you sign a sales agreement during which you must carry out all your steps and present your acceptance of financing of the said good, otherwise the transaction will be de facto obsolete.

Buying house: how to formalize the real estate sale?

From the moment you have found the right house, validated the good financing, you enter the process of the contract of sale of the house which will be concluded by the passage to the notary and the delivery of the keys. It is indeed at the notary that will officially materialize the transmission of real estate from the seller to the buyer according to the rules of French law.

As soon as the mortgage loan, which was a suspensive clause of the outcome of the real estate sale, is granted the sales process can be launched and the two parties are then found at the notary’s to ratify the final sale and delivery keys in exchange for the balance of the price and related taxes.

Therefore the new owner of the house can invest the place or rent it if it was a rental investment, or even start renovations.

Whatever the destination of the property you have just purchased, you have finalized a substantial transaction and a new page is written.


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