Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk : Double Trouble v.1.4.2 for android!

Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: Double Trouble – Continuation of the wonderful arcade game with puzzle elements in which we again need to help a quick thief named Bob to rob rich houses. Our main character again has run into trouble, the mafia is being pressured on him from all sides and now in order to fix everything Bob needs to rob various rich houses that he will be pointed out to. In this continuation, the developers added more than sixty new exciting levels, a bunch of tools needed for thefts, as well as introduced new tricks, such as teleportation, cars, and so on.

The meaning of the gameplay remains unchanged, each level in Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: Double Trouble on android is a house with numerous rooms, in these rooms there will be items that need to be stolen. You have to very quietly penetrate into these premises, steal given objects, and all this must be done as covertly as possible and in the allotted time. Everything would be fine, but various troubles will be waiting for us in the houses of our thief, for example, tenants, various pets, security guards, and so on.

You need to move and think through the plan of theft so that God forbid you do not attract attention to yourself, if you find that level will fail, and you have to start all over again. As a rule, residents move along a given trajectory and have a certain range of view, you need to take this moment into account and try to keep behind all the time, and sometimes you will need to hide in various nychki. With each new level, the gameplay will become more complex, the houses will noticeably grow in size, therefore, there will be more rooms for passing, and residents will more actively wander through them and will need to distract them in some way.

For these purposes there are special bonuses, they will help in difficult situations. For example, if your grandmother is hindering you from side to side, you can send her to the toilet, for example, use the missing donut just tossing it under her nose. Granny will be happy for such a delicacy, but after she eats it, she starts to twist her stomach and then the old woman will have a jerk in the toilet. You will only have to hide so that you will not be noticed, and when everything is calm, get out of the ambush and make theft.

And you can do a lot of such jokes, but they are not completely free, so you need to get such bonuses in the game store for the currency received after successfully completing the mission. Also for game currency, you can improve the skills of our main character, increase his secrecy, cunning, speed, and then even the hugest houses you can, not quite easily, but still rob. The game received beautiful graphics from the top, you can zoom in and out, thus examining the territory and build a cunning plan of robbery.

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