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The best backpacks for carrying cats

The best device for carrying cats in this category was the series in the “space” style from the company CosmoPet. This brand got its name for a reason; its products really look unusual. So, they have a porthole with glass through which the animal can observe what is happening around. At the same time carefully thought out the air supply system through the special holes. Models of this brand can be worn on the shoulders and in the hand, there are several types of handles.


  • Comfortable to wear,
  • especially on the road;
  • Take up little space;
  • Do not get wet;
  • Keep an optimal microclimate;
  • Look stylish;
  • Have a good ventilation system.


  • The price for them is several times higher than for classic cells and bags;
  • Cats need time to get used to.

The CosmoPet product range includes products with both the window position on the side and on top. They are available in yellow, green, white, pink and a number of other colors. This allows you to choose the most suitable option, depending on the sex of the pet.

Best baskets for cats.

Toprunner medium is medium, 39x29x25 cm, orange – in our rating it is already the second device for transporting shaggy animals from MODERNA. It has a lot of advantages – a small weight of 700 g, an ergonomic shape of the lid, a large and durable handle. All this makes the trip comfortable not only for the cat, but also for its owner. However, not everyone may like the need to plant it in the basket through the top, there is no door here. This adaptation easily maintains a cat weighing up to 5 kg.


  • High; Beautiful colors;
  • Translucent cover;
  • Unobstructed air intake;
  • High-quality plastic;
  • Additional hole in the lid.


  • Not cheap.

In reviews, customers focus on the successful arrangement of the handle, horizontal, which allows the basket to be properly on weight.

What kind of cat carrier is better to choose?

Obviously, if you are not going to transport your pet often, then you can limit yourself to a special bag. Those who plan to move a pet regularly, for example, in cars or buses, it will be more convenient to use the same fat cat backpack, cart or cage.

When choosing a particular model from this TOP, the best carriers for animals should consider the following:

  • If you rarely take your tailed friend with you, for example, when you need to visit a veterinarian, then you can buy a folding fabric bag-tunnel from Darell.
  • For frequent, but brief relocation of large cats, it is best to choose a model from Zoonik, which can be hung on the shoulder.
  • Trixie, Toprunner Medium and Modern Road-Runner 1 will be more relevant for a flight on an airplane than ever before.
  • For walks in bad weather, for example, in the rain, a backpack from CosmoPet will be an ideal option.

This rating, based on customer reviews, is designed to help you choose if not the best carrier for cats, then certainly a good one that will serve for a long time and reliably.

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