The secret of a Successful Business: Book Keeper!

Some little decisions can help in flourishing the business. Likewise, a Bookkeeper can help in increasing your business and taking it to new heights. Bookkeepers play a vital role in maintaining the accounts and keep them updated. The word “bookkeeper” clearly states that it means “A person who keeps the books” especially the ledger which keeps all the records of the transactions.

Role of the Book Keeper:

Bookkeepers calculate, prepare, and distribute paycheques. They are responsible for other activities such as bank reconciliation, posting all the entries in the ledger. Following are some of the roles played by the bookkeeper:

  1. He develops an accounts system for financial transactions by creating accounts chart and defining the procedures & policies of bookkeeping.
  2. Maintains the accounts by allocating, verifying, & posting the transactions.
  3. Collects, analyze, and summarize the accounts information by preparing a financial report.
  4. The general ledger is maintained by transferring the accounts summary.
  5. Maintaining a trial balance & reconciling entries is also the job of the bookkeeper
  6. Bookkeepers work into the accounts, and they are responsible for the entire accounting system.
  7. Issuing invoices, filing tax returns, account payment on behalf of the organization is also done by the bookkeeper.
  8. Preparing cash flow statements, financial reports, and trial balances
  9. Performing bank reconciliations, payroll administration duties, other duties as required.

Skill Requirements:

To fulfill the role effectively and efficiently, Book keepers should have the following skills and abilities:

  • Honesty and Integrity: It is essential for the bookkeeper to be honest as he has to look after all the accounts.
  • Time Management Skills: Bookkeeper should possess the ability to manage time so he could do all the payments on time.
  • Computer Skills: Nowadays all the records and accounts of the business are updated in the computer so the Booker should have a sound knowledge of computer and have competency in the relevant software.
  • Numerical Skills: The major dealing of bookkeeper iOS with numbers and accounts. He should have a strong grip on calculations.
  • Communication Skills: Dealing with the employees and bank staff is a must for the bookkeeper. With excellent communication skills, it will be easy to complete the job
  • High level of accuracy and attention to details
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • High ethical standards

Why Hire a Bookkeeper:

New emerging businesses breads an excellent bookkeeper to take care of day to day accounting work and keep track of your financial activities. Not just hiring a bookkeeper is important, but you have to hire a good bookkeeper. They should understand your business, saves you time, and helps manage your cash flow. Only a good bookkeeper will know how the transactions should be treated in a useful manner. They give you a clear picture of your business, knowing where it’s going. One such company is bookkeeper neutral bay helping you find a good bookkeeper.

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