Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer Entered The Top Of The Most highly Paid Comedians

Kevin Hart topped the list of the highest paid comedians according to Forbes. For the year (from June 2015 to June 2016), he earned 87.5 million dollars, displacing from first place Jerry Seinfeld, who boasts half the amount – 43.5 million.  And Kevin hart Networth is $180 as on 2019.

She made her debut on the list – and immediately in fourth place – Amy Schumer with 17 million dollars earned; she became the only woman in this male company. In fifth place, Jeff Dunham (13.5 million), in the sixth – Dave Chappell (13 million), in the seventh – another debutant of the list, Jim Gaffigan (12.5 million). Gabriel Iglesias, Russell Peters (9 million) and John Bishop (7 million) close the top ten.

Kevin Hart (Kevin Hart) – filmography, biography, photo

KEVIN HART is one of the most brilliant and in-demand actors, comedians and scriptwriters in the entertainment industry.

Due to staggering success in one of the comedic performances in the club of Philadelphia, HART decided to quit my job in a Shoe shop and try yourself as a comedian. He has performed on stage in various clubs in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. His film career began after he noticed the humor festival “Just for Laughs” in Montreal.

2017 was held for the actor under the sign of success: his book “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” were inserted by the newspaper New York Times bestseller lists and held the position as the bestselling book for almost 2.5 months.

In March 2018 the screens will be released drama “the untouchables” in which the actor will play along with Nicole Kidman and Bryan Cranston. Also soon start shooting the Comedy “Evening school”. The plot of the new film – the pupils of the evening school, who dream to obtain a certificate of secondary education.

Recently, Kevin HART, supported by the Studio Lions gate has launched a new digital platform called “NETWORK LOL – Laugh Out Loud”. On this platform, you can view hundreds of commercials and Comedy shows.

In 2016 Kevin HART gave his voice to one of the characters in the animated film “the secret life of Pets”. In the same year came the Comedy “Half of the spy,” which became a hit rolled.

Among other work an actor include such films as “Meet the Fockers 2”, where his partners on the screen were Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller, “Fool’s Gold” and “the Forty-year-old virgin”.

Kevin HART lives in Los Angeles.

Kissing Day: the brightest scenes – from “Gone with the Wind” to “Game of Thrones”

Scenes of kisses in films have always attracted the attention of both film fans and ordinary viewers. Many of these scenes later became cult. They were remembered, copied, admired by them. In the entire history of cinema, we have seen thousands of different kisses. And on the occasion of the Kissing Day, SPLETNIK.RU decided to recall the brightest film kisses, and of different genres. Enjoy!

Classic kisses

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

The book of the same name by Truman Capote, based on which the film was shot, ended with the fact that the heroine of Audrey Hepburn – Holly Golightly – was leaving New York. Hollywood producers decided that such a ending would be a bad prospect for viewers who love romantic comedies, so they added a happy ending in which she stays with Paul. Their final kiss in the rain was remembered not only by fans of classic films, but also by the poor cat who got wet with them.

“Gone with the Wind” (Gone with the Wind)

Screen novels often turn into real life. Sometimes the actors are so accustomed to the role that they continue the relationship outside the shooting area, but between the main cinema couple of the 20th century, Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, a real war broke out. The performer of the role of Rhett Butler ate almost a whole bulb before filming all the love scenes in the film. True, this did not prevent the actress from embodying an incredible love story on the screen.

“Lady and the Tramp”

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet by Walt Disney was released in 1969. Despite the fact that the kisscartoon was created after the strictest period of Hollywood censorship, some still negatively perceived the kissing scene, which hints at something more between the two main characters. All because they were not actually married. However, many generations of children who grew up on this story did not pay the slightest attention to this detail.

Custom kisses

Game of Thrones

The novels in the world of “The Game of Thrones” always flare up suddenly. Some pairs of enemies turn into lovers, like John Snow and the wild Igritt (the actors, by the way, got married in real life), and some of the relatives – into long-term partners like Cersei and Jaime Lannister, whose vicious connection led to the appearance of three children. From a kiss, they could not resist, even being next to the corpse of his own son. By the way, this incest is not the only one in Game of Thrones. The final of the seventh season left intrigue in the relationship between Lord Winterfell and the Mother of Dragons, who suddenly found themselves in a relationship, but they themselves do not suspect so far.

“Life is Adele” (Blue Is the Warmest Color)

The winner of the 2013 Golden Palm Branch in Cannes and the film that Steven Spielberg, the chairman of the jury, called the “magnificent love story,” talks about the relationship between two girls – Emma and Adel. On the set, director Abdelatif Keshish was a real tyrant and forced actresses Lea Seydou and Adel Ekzarkopoulos to shoot hundreds of duplicates of a single scene, especially with regard to episodes of a sexual nature.

The film of the Italian director Luca Guadagnino was remembered by all lovers of independent cinema as a story that breaks the boundaries. Even the American film academics, who awarded the Oscar film for the best adapted script, could not resist. The love relationship of the young scientist Oliver and the teenager Elio, which develop over the course of one summer, ended in a forced separation. But the director has already started talking about the high probability of filming the second part.

Monster Kisses

Invisible (Hollow Man)

The story of the unsuccessful experiment of a scientist who worked for a long time on an injection that makes objects invisible. Ultimately, he experienced the effect of his own invention, and then went crazy and began to kill everyone around. Including attacked his beloved in the performance of actress Elizabeth Shu. Fortunately, she managed to escape from a maniac in time.

(Hell bound: Hell raiser 2) “Hell raiser 2”

The bloody epic of monsters from hell stretched as much as ten films, the last of which was released earlier this year. The plot of all parts was tied to an ancient box that opens the door to hell. Heroes are constantly changing, but the main villain, Pinhead, remains unchanged. Despite the atmosphere of horror, even in the infernal hell do not fade away passion.

“Alien 4”

Another cult horror franchise “Aliens” began as a chamber story of Lieutenant Ripley (this role was brilliantly performed by Sigourney Weaver) and expanded to a large-scale universe with sequels and prequels. About bloodthirsty xenomorphs cannot speak. They have a couple of seconds to tear a man apart. But even under the fear of terrible death, some still show “tender” feelings for these monsters. As Dr. Jonathan Gadiman did in the fourth part.

‘Super Mario World Rom Producer’ and the Ascent of per formative Gaming

To me, is anything but a puzzle that a ton of children (and a part of grown-ups) consistently watch others play computer games. As a grow, I would stop my barge in on before Video and Arcade Top 10, Repulsive force Room and Scratch Arcade just to see some pre-recorded hosts yammer about Street Sprinter’s Passing Valley Rally. Regardless of whether jerk, sports and YouTube How about we Plays are a marvel, is anything but an astonishment.

What is all the more stunning is the manner by which rapidly amusement engineers started adjusting to the player/group of onlookers half breed. Dim steed victories like Rocket Class, Platoon and Five Evenings at Freddy’s appear to be worked around stuns and irritates for spectatorship. Mario’s most up to date experience, a DIY toolbox called Super Mario World Rom Producer, is intrinsically characterized by its client base, and in 2015 that client is somebody who likes to watch and hotshot. In the primary seven day stretch of Super Mario World Rom Producer’s discharge, everything except two of the main 15 most elevated positioned levels play themselves.

super mario world rom

On the off chance that you’ve never taken a look at the hacked Kaizo Mario World previously, a ton of what’s being done in Super Mario World Rom may shock you. Nintendo’s never solicited players to make use from turn hopping on spiked adversaries, or constrained you to forfeit catalysts and Yoshi to endure hindrance courses. There are a couple of super-intense dimensions, and likely more in transit, however the current overwhelming pattern are levels that flaunt the artfulness of the makers instead of solicit anything from the players.

It can feel like Super Mario World Rom, the trick appear, rathan than Super Mario World Rom, the computer games. Mario barely evades fireballs and Thwomps, provoking oohs and ahhs over noteworthy accomplishments that you have no power over. It’s always enticing to move to check whether you could endure with your very own aptitudes, regardless of whether it implies ruining the endeavors of the planner. I’m not crying, it’s entrancing! No Nintendo diversion before this has been so per formative similarly we ordinary shrubs like to be.

The HD re-arrival of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker included a selfie work, a jokey highlight that has additionally been executed in Metal Apparatus Strong V, and prone to proceed as a nutty pattern. Interconnectivity and individual execution are foundations of this age. Spectatorship and sharing progressively segments of computer game culture. Regardless of whether Mario levels based around absolutely viewing is by all accounts a wonder, is anything but a shock.

Rice Purity Test For Women On Alcohol Online

There is a need to be checked for alcohol dependence, and need to be tested for alcohol for women? We have tried to help you to decide the fastest way. Of course to find a test survey on the topic alcoholism is not so difficult…

However, all the tests with the answers that require you to count points and for the total score to select features. It is less convenient than to take advantage of modern facilities.

Checked for free of charge alcoholism online for women has become very easy. The Rice Purity Test correctly indicates the signs of alcoholism in women if to answer thoughtfully and candidly.

Want to know more about ourselves, so go ahead! Here a working test alcohol-free. By the way, in the 16th-century “Domostroi” alcohol and a woman was interpreted in very interesting, find out the true story.

Online test for women

1. You drink from the fact that alcohol helps you with problems and/or increased stress, gives you the ability to survive in difficult situations?



2. If you tried to drink less, and perhaps quite give up, but for some reason that you failed?



3. Before you drink sparingly, and only after the working day has ended. Now do not refuse to drink during class/work?



4. Do you experience memory lapses, such as “don’t remember” because he was drunk?



5. You don’t like it if people compare your drunken behavior with others because I don’t understand why you can’t drink in moderation?



6. You can drink alcohol alone. Booze does not imply you require company?



7. Surrounding less respect for you due to the fact that lower skills, and you no longer seek to know and to learn something new, preferring to spend time with the bottle?



8. Trouble because of drinking is familiar to you?



9. In order to avoid a hangover again, you consume alcohol?



10. When you drink you get drunk, even in the case when do not want?



11. You suppose to drink a lot and stay on my feet well. The ability is worthy of respect because it raises such a person in the eyes of others?



12. Now you are able to drink like all the control over the amount of alcohol consumed is lost. Once you do, you drink everything that is and can’t stop?



13. You find it easier to agree to intimacy with a man, being drunk?



14. Do you say that after the alcohol, you fun easy and available?



15. Do you believe from the hustle and bustle, cleaning, cooking, raising children – a headache, and the alcohol helps to come back to life?



Purity Test Website:

If the evaluation of your answers showed you the disturbing information, try not to despair. After all, even the unpleasant awareness of a lot better than the unknown. The more directly on this website, you can find many answers on alcohol problems among girls and women.

The best example to understand the meaning of the signs of alcohol addiction, the essence of inclination and influence on psychology. To find specifics on the topic, we offer you to use the search on the site or block subject reference.

How accurate is the test for alcoholism?

Look, “test alcoholism 10 questions” — you know, the shorter the test, the higher the probability of error. That is, such testing will be a priori less accurate. The explanation is simple, every person is different. And girls and women are more sensitive. Yes, and more emotional than representatives of the stronger half of humanity.

Now, there are plenty of not understand the issue or too emotionally involved with his production… then There is the temptation to be cunning and to indulge in wishful thinking. It matters little, it is when the decoration really seriously distort the results of the evaluation of the progression of alcoholism in women.

This test is for alcohol addiction does not replace the assessment of a medical professional, does not claim absolute accuracy. But you can receive it at any time and absolutely free.

Design Home Hack 2019 – Money and Precious stones Generator

in the event that you need to invest your relaxation energy in beautifying various rooms, at that point you should begin playing Design Home internet amusement immediately. The diversion will place you in the shoes of an inside designer who needs to enrich a few rooms and show it for casting a ballot, wherein different gamers will pass judgment on your designs. It isn’t as simple as it sounds since you will be given sure difficulties with explicit directions that you have to pursue while improving the rooms.

How to Design The Rooms?

Designing the rooms is the most intriguing part of the diversion. You will be furnished with two sorts of things that can be utilized for enlivening. Among the two, blue things are compulsory to utilize though purple shaded things are discretionary. To make the diversion energizing, there are a few journeys that you have to finish for achieving new dimensions of the amusement. A portion of the journeys that you will run over are including a particular sort of thing by sort or shading, purchasing specific things for brightening the room, and so on.

In the start of the amusement, you will be given sure measure of things that you can use as and when required for designing the room. You can either utilize these things or buy some more items from the diversion store by utilizing in-amusement monetary standards. To finish the different journeys that you get in each dimension of the amusement, you will require great measure of cash on the grounds that the predetermined things probably won’t be accessible with you. Thus, you have to buy them.

The things accessible in the amusement store are very costly, so you ought to spend on them just whenever required else you will finish up burning through the entirety of your cash rapidly. Endeavor to buy the most reduced valued furniture that still searches useful for brightening your room. Additionally, utilizing the household items that you have been given for nothing in the beginning of the diversion is dependably a savvy decision. You can likewise utilize Design Home Hack 2019 to spare your cash.

What Are Keys?

Keys are a critical element of the diversion as you will require them to present your design for casting a ballot. Additionally, certain measure of Keys is required for designing each home. To make the diversion fascinating, the engineers have made ‘casting a ballot’ an indispensable viewpoint. Without rating other individuals’ designs, you can neither acquire Keys nor present the design that you have made. Casting a ballot is the most ideal approach to obtain Keys. For each five votes that you cast, you will get three Keys. Additionally, casting a ballot will likewise concede you Money and Precious stones. Anyway the less demanding path is to utilize Design Home Hack 2019

Design Home In-Amusement Monetary forms – Money and Precious stones:

You will require Money and Jewels in enormous add up to embellish your home. The two monetary forms will even be required for advancing quicker in each dimension. In this way, winning them in the amusement is of most extreme significance. Likewise, it is important to spend admirably else you will finish up spending the whole monetary forms that you have in your gaming account. A portion of the approaches to acquire Money and Jewels in Design Home diversion have been referenced underneath:

When you complete a dimension effectively in the diversion, you will procure in-amusement monetary forms.

Casting a ballot other gamers’ designs will give you a chance to acquire Money and Precious stones.

Achieve the day by day challenges no matter what as it will give you a chance to procure a lot of remunerations in type of monetary standards and Keys.

Login day by day to the diversion for procuring extra rewards in type of in-amusement monetary forms.

On the off chance that it is doable for you, at that point you can buy Jewels by spending true cash.

Make utilization of Design Home Hack 2019 to procure incalculable number of Money and Precious stones with a couple of snaps of the mouse.

To finish up, Design Home diversion is an engaging and testing amusement that will show you how to adorn your home in restricted assets. The countless difficulties that you face in each dimension will make the diversion all the additionally energizing and grasping. In this way, prepare for some genuine fun by embellishing a few rooms and putting them ready for casting a ballot in Design Home diversion. In addition, on the off chance that you make utilization of the Design Home Hack 2019, at that point you will most likely effectively win the difficulties. Put it all on the line!

What types of massage are delivered by these chairs?

Here are some examples.

An air massage of the arms is a function available in some massage chairs. This massage is particularly effective to relieve tiredness of the arms which are continually solicited: use of a computer or a mobile phone, do-it-yourself, chores, hobbies etc. The air massage mechanism is located in the armrests and moves naturally as the body angle changes with the reclining movement of the chair. Thus, the stiffness and tension of the wrists and back of the hands will be completely relieved.

Depending on the position of the backrest, the arm massage function is performed differently. Indeed, the file can be straight, a little inclined or completely inclined.

The option of air massage is also available for the lower legs. The massage consists of repeated cycles: oblique compression of the muscles in one direction and then relaxation. This stimulation plays an important role in promoting the flow of blood to the heart.

As the shape of the body and the size of each are different, it is vital that the chair has a function of adaptation of the size to be able to provide a good massage. Nowadays, there are that automatically scan the body. The data collected then make it possible to adapt the chair often thanks to small wheels located inside the armchair.

The movements of both hands and arms perform a complex massage by stereoscopic kneading. There are other, far more complicated functions in some massage chair programs. For example, a function combines a stretching massage, which mimics hand pressure that goes down slowly, knee pressure in the form of wavelet movements and tapping.

The most common function for all massage chairs is the seat and backrest vibration system. At the same time as the massage, one can enjoy occasional vibrations quite pleasant. This function helps promote circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Of course, as soon as the chair is installed, people start queuing to try it. A schedule is almost always necessary to avoid the problems that work stress can sometimes cause.

Soothe the pains with a massage chair

Our society is always looking for ways to relieve pain. In fact, the most used method for pain relief is taking medication. This method is by far the most popular but few know the second most common method. You have an idea? Did you guess it was massage therapy? Indeed, massage therapy is the second most used method for pain relief.

Decrease pain relief

Many people trust drugs to make the symptoms disappear. This is the best that drugs can do because they do not address the root of the problem. The pharmaceutical remedies therefore only help to make the symptoms disappear temporarily. There are natural methods such as massage therapy that penetrates deeply into the muscle and tissues to provide real relief. Many different reasons can cause pain in the body and muscles, but it is important to work on the root of the problem to relieve them.

Massage therapy has been used since time immemorial to relieve pain, pain and suffering. A range of effective techniques has been developed over time. You may be familiar with some of the most popular therapies such as Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage or reflexology. All of these popular massage treatments have been integrated into the massage chairs.

As recognized health benefits, massage chairs are becoming more and more commonplace. The massage therapies are reproduced with great precision to offer real relief. Armchairs guarantee complete massages and can take care of you from head to toe.

Most people see massage chairs as expensive luxury items. In reality, if you need a massage therapy, they remain the most cost-effective way to practice one. The massage chairs are designed to last between 1000 and 2000 hours. If you take a massage chair at 3000 $, then the massage therapy costs us about 3 $ per hour. Compare this price to that of a session with a masseur at 50 $ per hour to which must be added the tip.

A massage chair is wonderfully practical. He is always ready and waiting for you. You can put it at home or at your desk. It offers a massage therapy in parallel, which means that in 5 minutes you get a full body massage and therefore a quick fitness. It never gets tired, so you can use it as long as you want.

Some of the best brands of massage chairs offer a wide range of massage therapies to choose from. You can find Swedish massage, Hawaiian, sports, deep tissue and many others. You can also choose the parts of your body on which you want to center the massage, whether it is the entire back, neck, shoulders or a specific point. These massage chairs provide effective pain relief.

Major brands like Sanyo, Omega and Panasonic do not offer only excellent massage therapies in their armchairs. These also include complementary therapies to calm you down and relax. For example, MP3 music players help your mind to break free from a hard day’s work. You can also find lower-body traction systems to stretch muscles and improve flexibility. These are just two examples of many.

If you suffer from pain, pain or any kind of pain, then a massage chair can be a perfect solution for you. You will be able to get regular relief from your entire body in the comfort and convenience of your home. Massage chairs have an incredible variety of whole body massage therapies to choose from. They are a natural and healthy alternative to drug dependence. Regular use of a massage chair is the most cost-effective massage therapy available today.

Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk : Double Trouble v.1.4.2 for android!

Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: Double Trouble – Continuation of the wonderful arcade game with puzzle elements in which we again need to help a quick thief named Bob to rob rich houses. Our main character again has run into trouble, the mafia is being pressured on him from all sides and now in order to fix everything Bob needs to rob various rich houses that he will be pointed out to. In this continuation, the developers added more than sixty new exciting levels, a bunch of tools needed for thefts, as well as introduced new tricks, such as teleportation, cars, and so on.

The meaning of the gameplay remains unchanged, each level in Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: Double Trouble on android is a house with numerous rooms, in these rooms there will be items that need to be stolen. You have to very quietly penetrate into these premises, steal given objects, and all this must be done as covertly as possible and in the allotted time. Everything would be fine, but various troubles will be waiting for us in the houses of our thief, for example, tenants, various pets, security guards, and so on.

You need to move and think through the plan of theft so that God forbid you do not attract attention to yourself, if you find that level will fail, and you have to start all over again. As a rule, residents move along a given trajectory and have a certain range of view, you need to take this moment into account and try to keep behind all the time, and sometimes you will need to hide in various nychki. With each new level, the gameplay will become more complex, the houses will noticeably grow in size, therefore, there will be more rooms for passing, and residents will more actively wander through them and will need to distract them in some way.

For these purposes there are special bonuses, they will help in difficult situations. For example, if your grandmother is hindering you from side to side, you can send her to the toilet, for example, use the missing donut just tossing it under her nose. Granny will be happy for such a delicacy, but after she eats it, she starts to twist her stomach and then the old woman will have a jerk in the toilet. You will only have to hide so that you will not be noticed, and when everything is calm, get out of the ambush and make theft.

And you can do a lot of such jokes, but they are not completely free, so you need to get such bonuses in the game store for the currency received after successfully completing the mission. Also for game currency, you can improve the skills of our main character, increase his secrecy, cunning, speed, and then even the hugest houses you can, not quite easily, but still rob. The game received beautiful graphics from the top, you can zoom in and out, thus examining the territory and build a cunning plan of robbery.

Looking for an original boutique specialized in Diamond Painting?

Created in 1998, was at the time a site offering contents and free cross stitch patterns. Strong of this experience, the shop appeared in 2016, with ONE objective: to have customers (s) happy (se)!

And it seems like it works, read their testimonials.

They are now specialized in diamond painting (works made of rhinestones or resin beads), also called diamond embroidery or mosaic embroidery.

They also offer unique services in Europe, including:

Photo conversion into a complete kit (personalized cross stitch, personalized paint by diamonds, custom jigsaw puzzle) in “premium” version (suggestions for size, cropping and retouching for an optimal photo transformation),

The credit of sachets of rhinestones,

The search for the customized kit (we find for you the motive that makes you want),

Satisfaction guarantees


What’s more moving than doing your own work and embroidering a family photo?

And to invite you to discover their shop, we offer you a discount of -10% with the coupon JRD10, usable without limit of duration (10 EUR minimum order). She is not a beautiful life?

The principles of diamond painting

In French, we can say diamond embroidery or diamond painting, in short, many names have been attributed to this art. But the principle is always the same. Indeed, if you have already practiced mosaic embroidery, you will already have an idea of ​​what the result could be. If the principle of mosaic embroidery is to assemble pieces of mosaics, here you must take the rhinestones one by one so.

First, on the right side of the canvas or otherwise, in a small instruction manual, you have a chart containing the correspondence of each color to each symbol or number or letter. The principle is simple. Just follow the table and stick each strass to the box dedicated to it. The goal is to cover the entire canvas. But sometimes, the canvas can already contain patterns or otherwise it is already colored, and rhinestones will just give a 3D effect. In this case, only a part of the canvas will be covered by the rhinestones that give just a relief to the pattern.

At work!

So for a start you’re messing it all up. Take care of the canvas because it is fragile and it is the support of all the work. Above all, avoid crumpling. Choose a table whose surface is large and flat. If you have a self-adhesive canvas, it will be protected by a transparent film. At first, do not remove the entire film, just lift a part, preferably the end of the top corner, right if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed. Thus, you will do things step by step, while avoiding to stick your fingers or any other object on the canvas. Know that if the pattern is complicated, the canvas should be wide.

Be sure to check the color guide, which is the table of color memberships for symbols, numbers, or letters. Be careful, do not crash! You will have to be very thorough, especially if you have a completely covered chart canvas. The guide usually has 3 columns: the symbol / figure / letter, the color, and the number of rhinestones needed.Now arrange the rhinestones on the plate or casing, ensuring that the colors do not mix.

Take the stylus, and put some glue on the end. Look at the guide, and take a rhinestone that suits the symbol you find first on the visible end of the canvas. Try to be well focused, try filling the canvas over the water so you do not miss anything.



Facebook is currently in the process of making various changes and improvements regarding the appearance of the pages. In our article we have collected all the changes and prepared tips that will help you optimize your page on this social network.

What changed?

New design:

So what changes have occurred?

  • All entries and updates are now in one column;
  • The left column contains full information about your page;
  • The buttons with which you can subscribe to the page are on the Cover Photo;
  • The page control panel can be accessed through the top or side menu;
  • There are new tools for analytics;
  • Applications are now in the left column;
  • Returned “Notes”;
  • The pages you clicked are below.

Please note that the changes in the design did not affect the mobile version of the site – it still looks like.

How can a new design change how you manage a page?

In the old design, one and two columns alternated in such a way that the updates of your page were more like a mosaic. In the new design page looks more standard and resembles the traditional design of blogs.

In this case, it would be appropriate to treat the page on buy facebook likes as if it were a blog — always watch what happens at the very top of the page, because it gives the impression of the page and its content as a whole.

One way to solve this is to pin some post (the best or the most up-to-date of your material) so that it is always at the top and your visitors see it first.

This is easy to do by selecting Pin to Top / Highlight in the top right corner of the desired entry on your Facebook page.

New Facebook Design – How to optimize your page?

Where to find analytics?

If you select the Insights / Statistics control panel, you can see the full statistics, including audience reach and the popularity of your records.


If you select the Insights control panel, you can see the full statistics, including audience reach and the popularity of your records.

Analytics of Facebook posts in the Greenhouse Social Technology group

The blue bar shows the number of clicks each record received, and the red bar shows the interaction with the record (all likes, comments, and shares).

Thus, you can choose your most popular record and place it on top of it.

What do users see first?

Cover (Cover photo) – has been one of the most important elements of the page since its inception. This is exactly what people who come to your page first of all see.

With the change of design, the cover has not lost its importance, but it has become as far as loaded with other elements – the name of the page, its description, some buttons and a profile picture are now (and partially close) the cover.


Therefore, now it will be necessary to carefully select the image for the cover – so that the buttons do not cover important parts of it. Use the image guide that shows in pixels exactly which areas will be affected by the additional elements.

Now all the information about your page is in the left column in the following sequence:

  • Likes and visits (Likes and visitors);
  • Information about your company;
  • Link;
  • Option for others to suggest changes;
  • Apps;
  • Photos (Photos);
  • Videos;
  • Reviews;
  • Posts to Page (Records per page);
  • Liked by this page.

How to Equip your Workplace- Workplace Window Tint- Security Film

It does not matter where you work – at home or in the office, its important how the place you spend most of your life in is equipped with. Therefore, it is necessary to organize it competently and beautifully, so that both the mood and productivity are at their best

Here are several simple ways to guard against external noise. You can get a special architectural film for the glass and gently stick it on the window. It also increases the mechanical strength of the glass, conserves heat and tones, protecting against direct sunlight how can the color of the walls affect your behavior in the workplace?

Research scientists show that colors have a strong impact on our perception of the world. The more pronounced the shade of color, the more sensitive we react to it. Scientists have identified significant psychological and physiological changes in people under the influence of a particular Security film.

It is important to combine natural, ceiling (or wall) and desktop lighting. It is good, if the table lamp is regulated by the degree of light power and height. Choose LED light bulbs: this is the most economical and environmentally friendly option, which does not overexert the eyes. Place the lamp on the table, depending on whether you are right-handed (the lamp is on the left) or left-handed (the lamp is on the right). Ceiling light should be located directly above the workplace. It plays a supporting role, so it should not be too bright.

There are several simple ways to guard against external noise. You can get a special architectural film for the glass and gently stick it on the window. It also increases the mechanical strength of the glass, conserves heat and tones, protecting against direct sunlight. As for the walls, it is better to adhere to universal light colors. White, beige, egg shell color visually increase the space and reflect the natural light from the windows. Bright colors are best used in small things (table lamps, a mouse, a box for papers). When choosing colors, follow your goals. Need to relieve stress? Blue will help calm down. If there is not enough strength and energy, choose red. Pink will the presence of a Security film always has a good effect on performance. In other cases, it makes sense to create an atmosphere manually. Organize on the wall above the computer a personal mind board. For this, traditional cork or chalk boards are suitable. And you can hang cornices with hooks and hang on them different motivating nonsense, favorite photos or stationery. Get rid of the dull office decor in favor of a stapler in the form of a rabbit, wrought iron lamps, pillows for a chair made of sheepskin, ergonomic organizers for wires and textile boxes for documents.

How to put a table

The leading psychologists of the world have proved that much of the service success depends on the location of the desktop.

Ideal location – the back is “protected” by a wall or a partition, that is, no one can “go unnoticed” from the rear; the door is “controlled” with a glance, and the window is noticeably sideways.

If your Security film is not far from the door, then be sure to set the table so that to sit to the door sideways. Avoid standing with your back to the entrance – unconsciously you will expect a sudden “attack”. The situation facing the door constantly creates distracting situations – you are addressed to all questions from incoming colleagues and visitors.