How to reinstall Windows 10?

Small share of experience with my first reinstallation of download windows 10 iso (without loss of data) following some problems encountered by my computer computer after a migration to Windows 10 which unfortunately did not go very well …

Why reinstall Windows 10?

Reinstall Windows 10 okay, but for what reasons?

The main reason for wanting to reset download windows 10 iso  is a malfunction of your operating system !

It can happen that your download windows 10 iso  does not work properly after updating your old operating system to the latest operating system of Microsoft , Windows 10.

You’ve probably tried several tips to optimize your download windows 10 iso  to improve the performance of your computer (if it is not the case, I strongly advise you to do so) or even tried to use Windows recovery / repair functions 10 ?

But your computer is still very slow (at startup or to run programs that worked perfectly with your old Windows). This situation can be really annoying and play with your nerves …

It is possible that your update to download windows 10 iso  was not completely successful because of your hardware (bad installation of drivers for example), some of your programs that could handle Windows 10 or even because of services Windows disabled or a bad setting of your Windows.

In this case, you will need to reinstall download windows 10 iso  to find a functional PC!

What is the reset of its operating system?

The reset is also often called formatting or reinstallation : it is about reinstalling the operating system in order to have a new operating system.

There are two types of formatting that can reset Windows 10:

the total formatting : in this case, your hard drive is fully formatted, erased and you will lose all personal data (images, videos, music, PDF, fonts , downloads , in short all your documents) as well as all your programs already installed and their data.

This process is completely irreversible , so I strongly advise you to make a backup of your data beforehand so as not to lose important documents. This is the safest method of having a clean and functional operating system.

the reinstallation of your operating system over itself while preserving your files. Here, Windows will be reinstalled without deleting your personal files but will instead delete all your old programs previously installed.

Fortunately, Microsoft has planned to list all your old programs installed and it will be relatively easy to reinstall your old programs.

Step-by-step tutorial to reinstall Windows 10 without losing its data

In this tutorial, we will learn how to reset Windows while retaining our personal data.

However, if you want to start from a clean installation of Windows, click Remove All . If you have multiple partitions on your hard disk, it will be possible to format only the system partition where Windows is installed using the ” Only the drive where Windows is installed ” option . “Or all the scores by clicking on” All readers “. Attention, as indicated by Windows, this operation will erase all your files, it is irreversible.

You will then have to wait a little before the reinstallation, while Windows 10 examines your computer, its programs and settings.

Windows 10 will show you the list of programs installed on your operating system that will be uninstalled. Do not worry, you can find this list once your Windows 10 is reset. Click the Next butto
You just have to wait while reinstalling your Windows 10 until you restart your computer. You will find on your desktop a small file called Deleted Applications that lists your old programs that are no longer installed. Now you have to reinstall your programs and reparamérer your Windows 10!

Reinstall Windows 10 with a USB Key or Windows 10 CD

The reinstallation of Windows 10 as described above will work in the majority of cases. However, it can happen that Windows is more seriously damaged and your Windows does not even start anymore.

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