Increase The Size Of The Sex, It Is Possible

Today, the methods proposed to increase the size of the penis have fortunately progressed and are less traumatic! Without being miraculous.Longen or thicken, it’s up to you to choose.


And the vacuum?

To increase the size, this concern is not new: in the Kama Sutra already, Vâtsyâyana indicates how to “make fat the linga”, by using, to make it swell, the stinging hairs of certain insects living in the trees, or in coating it with a decoction of vegetables and buffalo butter! As for the fakirs, they suspended at a young age weights to their penis to lengthen it gradually to reach 45 cm!

Objective repair or aesthetic?

augmenter_taille_penis Sex surgery was developed 7 or 8 years ago, under the impetus of surgeons. Two distinct cases must be distinguished. “In some patients, the intervention aims to correct a micropenisrecognized as such. It is then a so-called “restorative” surgery, moreover supported by the Social Security, explains the Dr. Pierre Bondil, urologist with the Hospital of Chambéry. In this case, the penis presents, besides its size, functional problems. Or the sex of the plaintiff is perfectly standard, and the intervention (not reimbursed, of course), then falls under the plastic surgery. This second type of patient simply wants to increase the size of the flaccid penis for a visual effect (without worry of erection): this is what we call the “cloakroom syndrome”. For me, this approach is the same as that of a woman who wants to be made bigger breasts “.

What can be done, with what results?


“Unhook” the penis, by cutting the suspensory ligaments that connect the pubic bone to cavernous bodies (under general anesthesia). This has the effect of “désenfouir” sex. Benefit: + 2 centimeters in average on a penis at rest (according to a study carried out on cadavers), knowing that the result varies according to the patients. No regrettable aesthetic effect. The erection is unstable in about 1 in 5 cases. Attention, the size of the erect penis is not increased.

Put in place a semi-rigid penile prosthesis: it is an intervention reserved for micropenis , which allows, besides gaining a few centimeters (by choosing a prosthesis a little long), to restore an erection. It is introduced for life in cavernous bodies.


Take fat (in the abdomen for example) as for a mini-liposuction (under local anesthesia), and reinject it into the sheath of the penis over its entire length, homogeneously (lipopenisculpture, or penoplasty). Benefit: + 3 to 5 cm in circumference. The intervention does not change the erection, especially as we expand the “soft” part of the penis.

What to think of these interventions?

The French Association of Urology reports that these interventions are not medically validated. “Thus, no rigorous scientific study has been carried out in the operated patients to know if they were satisfied a posteriori of the intervention, explains P. Bondil On the other hand, we do not know if the interventions do not risk to modify long-term erectile abilities Finally, as far as fat injections are concerned, we do not know exactly if the injected fat does not spontaneously resorb in the medium term “. A word

This kind of vacuum pump was classically recommended by sexologists to create erections. No validated study has proved its effectiveness in lengthening the penis. Even if some say the opposite. Explanation: the penis is elastic. You shoot? She is recovering!

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