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When you rent, it is mandatory to take out free home insurance quote online. This type of contract will insure you against the various claims that could affect your home and yourself if you are inside. However, many warranties are often optional and the only mandatory guarantee is in fact liability free home insurance quote online.

Owners, except those in co-ownership, as for them, are not in the formal obligation to take out a contract multi-risk dwelling. Nevertheless, this is very strongly recommended. Let’s take stock of the two types of basic guarantees offered by insurers.

The damage to property warranty

This guarantee concerns the goods that you have in your possession but also your movable heritage, and real estate if you are owner. This guarantee allows a total or partial refund or compensation on the renovation of your property, in case of water damage, fire or explosion and natural or technological disaster.

It generally lists the various incidents that may occur against your will and that do not depend on an act of negligence on your part: water damage, fire, explosion, storm, storm, hail, and snow, natural or technological disasters but also acts of terrorism and attacks.

Make sure to find all of these points in your contract. They are essential, especially if your home is located in a risk area. This will be the case, for example, for some departments dealing with floods or the risk of natural disasters.

The civil liability guarantee

This warranty actually protects anyone to whom you could cause unintentional harm. It is mandatory for both tenants and co-owners and is highly recommended for the entire property.

This guarantee is present in all contracts Multi risk home and protects your owner, your neighbors or your co-owners. It will cover the costs of damage caused by yourself to another person. The vast majority of contracts also cover all people who live under your roof but also your animals. Thus, it is this guarantee that will occur if your child hurts another child at the nursery or if your dog spoils facilities in the common areas of your condo, for example.

Optional warranties

Of course, these basic services can be supplemented at your convenience by different options and more specific covers related to the equipment of your home. This can for example be the case if you have a swimming pool or if you make a guest house.

You may also need specific liability coverage if you own a category 2 dog or horse.

The cover legal protection may also be useful in some cases since it allows you to be defended free in case of dispute. However, be aware of warranty exclusions that are often numerous.

Finally, you should know that theft, burglary and vandalism guarantee is not always included in the basic formula. Moreover, if it is understood, it does not generally cover all types of flight. You will often need to study the exclusions (no compensation in case of defect of anti-theft devices, no burglary, etc.) and options in supplement.

Property Damage Guarantee: What does it actually cover?

The property damage guarantee, whether you are an individual or a professional, covers your property or your professional equipment in case of disaster. It is present in any good contract Multirisque home but can also be subscribed by professionals or students who need to insure their equipment to replace it very quickly in case of disaster. But what does this guarantee really cover? Here are some important information, namely, about the property damage guarantee.

Property damage guarantee, on receipts only

The first thing you need to know about the property damage guarantee is that nothing will be refunded to you and you will not be able to receive any form of compensation in the absence of invoices or quotes. Indeed, it is recommended to keep all of your bills and receipts for anything that concerns your valuables. This affects appliances, furniture, hi-tech, or any other equipment that may be damaged under your roof. As part of a repair, you will need to provide the provider’s invoice.

For example, in the case of student or professional insurance, this guarantee may be limited to a few items only in order to reduce the cost of contributions. A student will be able to guarantee his computer, his smartphone and his camera and a professional will be able to assure all the material necessary for the functioning of his activity. Invoiced property invoices must therefore be presented at the opening of the contract, which is not the case in the context of a property damage guarantee included in a free home insurance quote online contract.

Property damage guarantee, for which loss?

Check with your insurer in what circumstances your damage to property warranty may apply. In general, there is compensation for:

  • Burglary or violence,
  • Fires and explosions,
  • Water damage,
  • The breaking of ice,
  • Accidental breakage by a third party,
  • Natural and technological disasters,
  • Storms, hail and snow,
  • And acts of terrorism and attacks.

However, many shades can bring your compensation to the water. For example, accidental breakage, if committed by a third party resident under your roof, cannot be compensated. It is also the case of a flight without break-in or aggression. More generally, any suspicion of negligence on your part or on the part of a person who lives under your roof, will cut your entitlement to benefits.

Check the various exclusion clauses before taking out an free home insurance quote online contract including the property damage guarantee and read them well before declaring any claim.

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