The Best Billiard Cue- Pool Sticks   

The tail, the triangle , the balls form a whole so that a game of billiards can take place as it should. Speaking of tail, this one exists in several matters, types, and designs. This complicates a bit the task of beginners when it comes time to elect his. The weight also counts in the selection of this kind of accessory, because of this last element depend the power of the shot and the address of the player. Netizens take inspiration from buying guides to learn a little more and go to price comparisons to find where to buy the best cue stick , but if you do not have the time to do that, pay attention to these two items from our comparison: the standard 92 cm Monobloc Standard Comfortable and comfortable; andIQ Pool 0.9 m / 91.4 cm for its competitive price-performance ratio.

How to choose a good cue stick ?

The pool cue is an essential accessory for any beginner or advanced billiard player. It consists of a long wooden rod that is used to pull the balls in order to get them into the various holes located at the four corners of the pool table . To find out how to buy a better value cue, consider the following criteria: type, material, parts and weight.

 The type

There are several types of cue stick that vary depending on the game mode you plan to practice. In our guide to buying the best cues, you’ll find tips to help you choose the right cue for your practice.

Thus, for a frame or free game mode, opt for a French pool cue 140 cm with 11 mm in diameter. For the game Strip, a French pool cue of 142 cm and 11.75 mm is ideal. And for a game 3 Bands, a French pool cue 142 cm 12 mm is suitable.

For the game, for breakage and for jumping, the American billiard cue stick are a good choice. These billiard cues measure 147 cm for a diameter of 10 to 12 mm.

For Blackball, opt for the tails of 8 pool or English billiards. These billiard cues have a length of 139 cm and a diameter of 8 to 9 mm.

For a Snooker game mode, snooker tails are recommended. These measure 144 cm and have a diameter of 8 to 9 mm.

The material

Our price comparison gives you tips on choosing the best pool cue. Among the criteria to be considered is the material used to manufacture the tool.

Wood is one of the preferred materials. If you play French billiards, opt for a cue stick whose stem is made of noble wood such as rosewood, padouk, wood of charm, zebrano or rosewood. Then, the French billiard cue is basically made of maple, a dense wood with light grain to obtain a particularly fine result with optimal flexibility.


To play pool, you can opt for a pool cue with an inlaid drum or with decals. The arrow for this type of billiard cue is often made of Canadian maple.

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