Privileged Loans to Veterans and Participants of Military Operations: Are There Any?

In Russia there is a large category of people called veterans and participants in military operations. How do banks with this category of people manage if they need a bank loan? The requirements for loans and conditions for obtaining loans for veterans are set by all banks individually. But the question is whether the benefits are given to veterans in lending. It’s not a secret for anyone that banks have a profit from home loan for veterans and quite a lot. And giving someone whatever benefits it will not allow the bank to get a profit, which for the bank clearly does not represent any benefit.

In order to reduce the risk associated with non-payment of a loan debt, the bank requires the borrower to provide a guarantee or a pledge protecting bank security on credit transactions. In this case, the bank goes to issue a loan for benefits. Otherwise, because of the increasing danger, the bank will not issue a soft loan.

As a rule, war veterans have a disability, which further exacerbates the inability to obtain a soft loan. Although in the legislation of the Russian Federation there are no provisions on the refusal of crediting veterans and participants in hostilities, however, banks decide to refuse.

And yet, a decision has been made regarding veterans and war participants about the benefits associated with lowering the interest rates of lending for the acquisition or improvement of housing and living conditions. Thus, the loan is provided by the bank, and the state provides the benefits, partially paying the
home loan for veterans Benefits can be provided not only by the state, but also by various organizations providing support to veterans and participants in military operations.

Banks receiving an application for a loan from veterans and war participants, as a rule, refuse to lend to them, not informing about the reasons for the refusal.

The famous English writer R. Oldington spoke of the desire for absolute justice for all people – as a dream very noble, but only a dream. The man went to certain death in order that all people peacefully lived and worked for the good of the Motherland. And in borrowing money from the bank for their own needs, the veteran is refused.

Veterans of hostilities offered an interest-free mortgage on Sakhalin

In the near future, 1,725 ​​veterans who fought in Chechnya and Afghanistan will be able to receive housing loans at 0%

In the Sakhalin region veterans of military operations will start issuing an interest-free mortgage. This was announced by the region’s governor Oleg Kozhemyako, the local news resource reports.

All Sakhalin veterans will be able to claim for a housing loan at 0% per annum, regardless of their property and financial situation, the official promised. To date, the island live 1725 veterans who fought in Chechnya and Afghanistan, specified in the publication. The profile departments will take up the detailed elaboration of the program in the near future.

Currently, in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk veterans who participated in the fighting, put a payment for the improvement of living conditions in the amount of 3 million rubles, the note said. In areas where real estate prices are much lower, the payment is 2 million, it follows from the materials of Since 2015, these payments were used by 92 people, the publication said.

In late May 2017, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced a reduction in the average mortgage rate to 6% per annum. The head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin, in mid-July predicted a drop in the mortgage rate to 8-9% by 2018.

In early August, the Central Bank reported that the average mortgage rate in Russia has reached a historic low. In the first six months of 2017, Russian banks issued nearly 423.5 thousand mortgage home loan for veterans for a total of 772.6 billion rubles. In June alone, 84.9 thousand loans were issued for a total of over 157.6 billion rubles.

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