How to Create a Word Press Site?- Custom WordPress Website Design

Today we will see how to create a wordpress designer site. This tutorial will teach you how to choose your domain name, your hosting, install the CMS, customize Word press, manage your pages, create your content and install widgets essential to the proper management of your site.

related in 2003 and published since 2005 by the American company Automatic, Word Press is a CMS (meaning Content Management System in French Content Management System ) open source (software that can be downloaded for free).

Word Press is the CMS of choice for bloggers, appreciated for its harmonious themes and its very functional side, well suited to writing and layout of articles. Word press and Joomla are often compared for the creation of a showcase site or a blog. But unlike its competitor, wordpress designer has a very active community and you will find very easily plugins to transform its use.

Indeed, he can easily adapt his appearance to become the showcase of your company. It is even possible to edit wordpress designer in e-commerce with plugins. It also makes it easy to quickly deploy site networks with multisite Word press.

Buy a domain name and a server

First you will be asked to choose your domain name. The domain name is the domiciliation of your site. Very important for SEO the domain name should reflect your activity with the corresponding keywords or simply be named by the name of your company or brand. It is better to choose a synthetic domain name so that users retain it better. You have the choice between several domain names to know: fr. , .au , .org , .biz , .net and of course .com. Do not forget to “reserve “your domain name to be the only user.

Then comes the question of the choice of the host. Indeed you are faced with two solutions: the shared server or the dedicated server. There are many web hosts, you will be spoiled for choice. Moreover, if you are frequent readers of the blog of you already know how to install Word Press, so we will be able to start creating your wordpress designer with Word Press.

Choose a theme

In your dashboard, click on “Appearances” then “themes”, and then choose a free theme by clicking on “add”. There are many sites to find free wordpress designer themes. For more details, take a look at our tutorial on how to install a WordPress theme?

You can decide the graphics of your website using the many templates offered by Word Press. The choice of theme is very important because it must be representative of your universe. On Word Press, you can change the colors of the template, insert a background image and a logo, as well as modify the header.

Create the structure and pages of your site

Then we come to the nerve of war, namely the management and creation of the pages of your site and their writing. You can have pages optimized for SEO by professionals or decide to write them.

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